Real World Investing

"At Neptune, we believe there are diverse sources of alpha to be found by long-term investors who correctly interpret change taking place in the real world and have the freedom to exploit it. We therefore see no need to resort to complex financial instruments or leverage to achieve our clients’ goals."

Robin Geffen, Founder and CEO

Neptune funds are run on the following three principles:

  1. "Fund Manager Freedom": unconstrained portfolios mean we go against the grain
  2. "Culture of Conviction": concentrated portfolios mean we back our best ideas
  3. "Team-Based Real World Research": we meet the companies we invest in and seek a deep understanding of industries and economies through our team-based global research

In implementing these principles, each of our funds has its own exact investment approach characterised by the company attributes and degree of exposure to top down sector and economic developments from which it seeks to profit. This is because we believe successful investing requires different approaches in different markets.


As each of our funds has its own individual approach, much of our investment process takes place at the individual fund level – and we articulate it fund by fund.

However, we work together on three key elements of the process:

  • Global sector and macroeconomic research, which we produce and debate as a team
  • Company meetings and analysis, wherever cross-over interests arise
  • Internal portfolio risk analysis and peer review, led by our CIO