Tech's rapid growth & the opportunities for investors
By Ali Unwin, Chief Technology Officer & Fund Manager
Watch Ali Unwin discuss the ongoing success of Apple, why the extraordinary growth of the FAANGs mean their valuations are justified and what he expects to be the key tech themes in 2018.
Sector Insight
Market Update
Emerging markets and the self-sustaining economic cycle
By Ewan Thompson, Investment Director, Head of Emerging Market Equities
Watch Ewan Thompson discuss how 24 months of strong performance have set up emerging markets for a...
Fund Update
Are your clients taking enough risk to meet their pension goals?
By Robin Geffen, Fund Manager and CEO
An over-reliance on ‘low volatility’ products could be seriously limiting returns for investors saving for retirement. Whilst risk awareness is vital in portfolio construction, in our view, the biggest risk...

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Real world research from Neptune

Our real world research focuses on questions where differences of interpretation by investors are large. We believe that strong outperformance can be achieved by correctly interpreting changes in the real world, from industry disruption through to individual company strategies.

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