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US equity income - the standout market
By James Hackman, Head of US Equities
With a growing dividend market, very low payout ratios and high dividend covers, the US is one of the standout income markets globally. It’s also one of the most unloved. Here we highlight six key facts that you need to know about US equity income today.
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UK housebuilders remain a value trap – despite post-Brexit falls
By Holly Cassell, Assistant Fund Manager – UK Equities
Almost a month on from the UK electorate’s vote to leave the EU, Holly Cassell, Assistant Fund Manager on the UK Equities fund range, recaps on two key themes that have emerged from Brexit.
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Three reasons why the Indian bull market can continue
By Kunal Desai, Fund Manager
Indian equities have officially re-entered a bull market, with the benchmark index climbing to a 11-month high. Better-than-expected data on US jobs and a brightened outlook for global growth have contributed to the MSCI India Index delivering over 19% since March in USD terms...

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