Sterling weakness, inflation & mid cap M&A
By Mark Martin & Holly Cassell, Fund Managers
The UK economy has performed ahead of expectations since ‘Vote Leave’ in June 2016, supported by looser monetary policy and a weak sterling...
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Technology IPOs: the outlook in 2017
By Ali Unwin, Chief Technology Officer & Fund Manager
2016 was a weak year for technology IPOs – only 13 US venture-backed tech IPOs hit the market, in...
Video Update
Value strategies, political risk & European equities
By Rob Burnett, Investment Director, Head of European Equities
Watch Rob Burnett, manager of the top performing Neptune European Opportunities Fund, discuss the outlook for value investing and where he is finding the most attractive companies and valuation anomalies. ..

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Real world research from Neptune

Our real world research focuses on questions where differences of interpretation by investors are large. We believe that strong outperformance can be achieved by correctly interpreting changes in the real world, from industry disruption through to individual company strategies.

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