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Bank of Japan: new framework for strengthening monetary easing
By Chris Taylor, Investment Director & Head of Research
Following the Bank of Japan (BoJ) policy meeting on 20 and 21 September, a number of targets were left unchanged, whilst we also saw a number of new policy measures...
Economic Update
Economic Update
Brexit by Numbers
By Mark Martin, Head of UK Equities
Two months on from the UK electorate’s historic Brexit vote, Mark Martin, Manager of the Neptune UK Mid Cap Fund, looks at the impacts so far.
Sector Insight
The transition to the digital enterprise – five companies that we believe stand to benefit
By Ali Unwin, Chief Technology Officer & Fund Manager
The global economy is digitising as businesses reconfigure their operations, their business models and their relationships with customers to take advantage of digital technologies. But how do you gain exposure – and profit – from this growing trend?

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Our real world research focuses on questions where differences of interpretation by investors are large. We believe that strong outperformance can be achieved by correctly interpreting changes in the real world, from industry disruption through to individual company strategies.

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