Russia – the best could be yet to come
By Robin Geffen, Fund Manager and CEO
Although investors in Russia have been well rewarded for their patience over the last 18 months, there are good reasons for believing that the best is yet to come...
Market Update
Market Update
UK 2017 outlook: overseas earners will be key
By Mark Martin, Head of UK Equities
Markets were caught off guard by the Brexit vote – but rallied regardless. After a shaky start to...
Market Update
India: demonetisation, GDP & corporate earnings
By Kunal Desai, Fund Manager
The Indian government’s decision to withdraw high denomination notes from circulation surprised the market in November and resulted in a short-term shock to growth. Kunal Desai, manager of the Neptune India Fund...

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Our real world research focuses on questions where differences of interpretation by investors are large. We believe that strong outperformance can be achieved by correctly interpreting changes in the real world, from industry disruption through to individual company strategies.

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