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Brexit fallout: ways to diversify from sterling and the UK economy
By Joshua Ausden, Head of Client Investment Strategy
Global stockmarkets were stunned by the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, with major indices all over the world posting significant losses. The UK housebuilders and banks in both the UK and Europe bore the brunt of the selling...
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US Income: why tech is my top pick
By James Hackman, Manager of the Neptune US Income Fund
The US is not considered to be an attractive income market by many investors, particularly those based in the UK and Europe. We believe this view is incorrect.
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What to expect in the aftermath of Brexit?
By James Dowey, Chief Economist and CIO
In these very early stages following the “Leave” win any prognosis is by its nature highly tentative. It will be weeks before we are able to measure the impact of the result on the UK economy, and there are clearly no close historical parallels...

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